Get the look for less

Get the look for less


Our qualified hairdressers require male and female models for colour and haircuts every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm-6pm.

Bookings are essential and dependent on availability.


Ladies Cut and Blow Dry - $50.00

Ladies Colour and Blow Dry - $50.00

Men's Cut - $25.00


Neon & Co reserves the right to cancel an appointment at any given time.

Apply within or call Michael Marlyn on 0400595662.

Style of the week.... We're loving big and bouncy this week at The Poodle Blow Dry Bar! This look will add volume and movement and can easily be created at home using the steps below... xx

The foundation of a great blow-dry is good quality products that will help to maintain your blow-dry and repair and condition your hair at the same time. I used Neon & Co shampoo and conditioner followed by Neon & Co Texturizing and Volumizing Spritz which I applied at the root area to add volume and hold.

- After shampooing and conditioning your hair, towel dry and blast your hair to around 80% dry.

- Starting at the back of your head take big sections and using a medium sized round brush lift the hair up and away from the head to create volume. Starting from root to tip roll the brush down to the ends, roll under and back up to the roots to achieve a soft curl.

- Repeat this 3 times on each section or until hair is dry. Roll this section from tip to root and secure with a pin - this will make your curls last longer!

- Repeat this process on your whole head and once finished leave your hair to cool down and set for at least 10 minutes.

- Remove all pins and gently brush out with your fingers.

- I finished off this look by smoothing Neon & Co Treatment Oil through the ends to add a beautiful glossy shine.

Helpful Tips

- Tension is key to achieve a smooth blow-dry
- Pay special attention to ends to avoid fuzzyness
- Use a nozzle attachment on your hair dryer for a smoother finish
- The smaller the round brush the tighter the curl, the larger the round brush the looser the curl

Style of the week

Style of the week -

Nothing shows off beautiful hair more than shiny loose waves, this simple look is perfect for every occasion whether you have long hair or short hair it will always look amazing!

How to achieve this look at home -

To create loose waves I have used a curling tong but a wand will also work perfectly. The most important thing when trying to achieve waves as a pose to curls is to leave about 1cm of the ends of your hair out of the tong.

- Starting with clean dry hair I have lightly misted Neon & Co Texturizing and Volumizing spritz all over the hair to provide body and hold.
- Part your hair to how you will wear it (I always go with a side parting when doing waves as it shows them off beautifully).
- Starting at the back of your head take big sections and wrap your hair around the curling tong making sure to leave the ends out.
- Leave the tong in your hair for around 8-10 seconds and then release.
- Repeat this process on your whole head.
- I finished off this look by applying Neon & Co Treatment oil through the mid-lengths and ends to add shine and then using my fingers I gently combed through the hair to give me beautiful beachy waves.

How to get the most out of your blow dry..



How to get the most out of your blow dry...


The first step is setting the right foundation! The key to a long lasting blow-dry is finding the right shampoo and conditioner, it's very easy to overload our hair with moisture which can cause a build up of oil after 1-2 days. Recently I have been using Neon & Co shampoo and conditioner which is sulphate and paraben free and specifically designed to pro-long my blow as it is gentle, lightweight and adds volume. Since I have been using these products I have noticed I don't have to wash my hair as often and my blow dry lasts even longer! 


I start out my week with a big, bouncy blow-dry. As I have fine hair I find that by day 3 I start to see the dreaded oily roots so I put in some dry shampoo which eliminates this and adds texture.


On day 4 I find that my big, bouncy blow-dry has dropped mostly to then ends so I apply Neon & Co Texturizing and Volumizing spritz all over and scrunch my hair. This adds body and leaves me with a soft beachy look.


By day 5 I'm coming to the end of my blow-dry so I put Neon & Co treatment oil in it and make it a really sleek look, maybe a ponytail or a bun. The Neon & Co treatment oil is the perfect styling product and also works to repair and condition my hair.


This is my weekly hair plan and on day 6 I start all over again. Hopefully this has given you some helpful tips on how to make the most of / pro-long your blow-dry xx

The Full Works - $80.00







The Full Works - $80.00

Express hair and make up

In a rush? haven't got time to go home and get glam before your big night out?

The girls at the Poodle can help! Come and visit us in store where we can get you in, looking gorgeous and out in no time at all!

Come in with clean dry hair and choose from any of our signature express blow dries and team it with express make up (eyes and lips)  and youll be walking out the door before you know it looking gorgeous and glam!


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