Neon & Co Luxury Styling Products

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Neon & Co Luxury Styling Products 


Neon & Co is a revolutionary new brand which has been developed for people who lead busy lives and need multi functional products that will minimise the need to wash hair too often whilst improving the hairs condition.


- Sulphate and Paraben free

- Multifunctional

- Repairing and Conditioning 

- Made in Melbourne 

- Not tested on animals 

- All natural ingredients 

- Beautiful fruity fragrance



Neon & Co Shampoo


-Lightweight, gentle, preserves colour

-Removes product build up and impurities 

-Extends life of blow dry

-Uv protection

-Repairs and hydrates

-Contains Keratin and silk protein which keeps hair strong and pliable, restructures hair, adds boys and manageability 

-Quandong extract which provides anti-inflammatory 


Neon and Co Conditioner


-Lightweight, gentle, preserves colour

-Extends life of blow dry

-Uv Protection

-Repairs and conditions

-Contains almond oil which promotes hair growth and strength, relieves dry and itchy scalps, smoothed and adds shine

-Macadamia oil prevents breakage by penetrating scalp and hair follicles to improve strength and elasticity



Texturising Volumising Spritz


-Adds volume


-Gentle, adds hold

-Can be used on wet or dry hair



Treatment Oil


-Penetrates hair shaft to repair and condition

-Grape seed oil moisturises, strengthens and adds shine

-Kakadu plum oil provides Uv protection and heat resistance 

-Can be used as a leave in treatment

-Can be used on wet or dry hair



Frizz Fighter


-Adds hold and shine

-Eliminates frizz and adds moisture

-Contains keratin and silk protein to keep hair strong and pliable, re structures hair, increases manageability 

-Wet hair only



Ampoule Treatment



-Extends life of blow dry

-Provides heat resistance

-Repairs and reduces breakage

-Leave in treatment

-Glycollic acids penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, attaching itself to the keratin which makes the hair more manageable as well as giving it a healthy appearance 



Prices starting from $10.00, available in store now!

Sleek & Straight

Sleek & Straight -

For our modern glam girl, this style is sleek, stylish and very on trend!! This look has been achieved using an anti frizz cream on damp hair, a big round brush and finished off with a shine serum to give it a beautiful gloss. We have paired this sleek and sexy blow dry with a side braid to give it an extra edge...


- Get Gorgeous - Get Going

Helpful tips to the re-create the perfect blow dry at home


The foundation of a great blow dry is good shampoo, conditioner and styling products. If you're using poor quality products your blow dry is never going to last and you will end up having to do it all over again the next day!


Good products will quite literally cut your blow dry time in half! Using a sulphate and parabin free shampoo and conditioner will improve and retain the hairs natural oils, increase moisture retention and reduce the chances of developing irritation or inflammation of the scalp.


Products will help pro long the life of your blow dry, always start with an anti frizz product which also contains a heat protectant, a volumising spray to give you root lift and a shine serum to finish off with and give you beautiful glossy hair.


A good hair dryer is key to a fantastic blow dry, always pick one with a high power and adjustable heat. A flat nozzle attachment will help to direct air flow and keep hair smooth.


Good quality round brushes are essential for the perfect blow dry, the bigger the brush the looser the curls and the smaller the brush the tighter the curl.


When you go to bed each night twist your hair up onto the top of your head and secure with a snag free hair band to keep your blow dry curly and bouncy all week long!



Want to relax, be pampered and get rid of your dull, damaged locks?

Want to relax, be pampered and get rid of your dull, damaged locks?


Come and try our new Luxury Oil Treatment!

This revolutionary new product works from the inside out, penetrating the hair shaft to repair and condition tired, dull locks, hydrating the hair and scalp, provides flexibility to reduce breakage, protects your hair from heat damage and leaves you with beautiful glossy hair.


This intensive conditioning treatment is applied to pre-shampooed hair and left on for 10-15 minutes which allows it to fully absorb and gives you a chance to relax and catch up on the gossip mags.


At a special introductory price of $10.00 this is the perfect treat for you and your hair this winter.


Are you washing your hair to often?

Are you wahing your hair to often?

This is a question I'm often asked at The Poodle Blow Dry bar.

My advise to all my  clients is that the more you wash your hair the more you need to keep washing your hair.

The scalp produces oil to protect it so it will feel it needs more oil to protect it. Best to wash your hair every 3 or 4 days.  

I recomend a using a shampoo that cleanses the scalp and hair in one. Best to use a light weight, parabeen and sulphate free shampoo. 

I feel a light weight conditioner on the mid lengh and ends is best, again must be parabeen and sulphate free.

When using a sulphate free shampoo remeber it will not always shampoo on the first wash, so you  must  rewashed a few time to get the best results.


At the Poodle Blow Dry Bar we have  developed a light weight shampoo and conditioner, all our  products are Sulphate and parabeen free. 

Your hair will feel Bouncy, sliky, healthy  and smell great for days after your hair wash. 

Written for clients worried about washing to often.

Debbie Pereira.